Kroger is an American company founded in 1983. It currently has more than 2,700 offices in the United States. With such large offices, Kroger has been one of America’s largest companies since its inception. Kroger has worked in a variety of fields that have gained tremendous popularity in his industry.


Kroger employees have easy access to the Express HR installation after logging in with their company ID and password. Employees can also use this access data on other corporate systems. Express HR considers itself a large company with numerous offices across the United States. Introduced in 1883, this program covers a wide range of interests and areas to help everyone without giving in.

The US retail company and the largest supermarket chain Kroger created the expressHR portal where their employees can easily track information, personal profile, change of address, change of direct deposit, emergency contact, and W-4 change. Kroger’s HR department is now called Kroger ExpressHR.

Kroger is primarily active in industries such as pharmaceuticals, supermarkets, retail stores, supermarket chains, products, and manufacturing. The expressHR portal is one of their best efforts to make life easier for Kroger employees.



As of August 14, 2021, Kroger operated 2,726 supermarkets and various department stores through its subsidiaries or directly. The company is headquartered in Cincinnati. Last year, EG Group operated more than 142 jewelry stores and hypermarkets in 35 states and the District of Columbia. It also owns 782 convenience stores (the EG Group purchased 782 convenience stores last year).

The company also has offices in Mexico, Canada and China. In 2015, Kroger started selling its products online through the Home Central website. Live in downtown Cincinnati. At Ess.kroger.com, Kroger employees can manage their working hours, schedules, pay slips, and other communications with other employees.